I came here for my shoulder and not only did they help me with my shoulder, they taught me exercises for my headaches and with my knees. I would really recommend someone to come here. This really helped me a lot!


Dutch PT is a credit to the medical industry, displayed concern, boosted my morale and developed my knowledge as to “why” we performed the exercises.


When my physician suggested that I might benefit from PT, I had little hope. I thought I was to old and had to many complications. I was wrong!! I would like to thank Dutch PT. They had a very positive approach and were very encouraging. My balance, endurance and posture have improved a ton and so has my overall outlook on life!


When I first came to Dutch PT I was in severe pain pretty much nonstop. Chris worked on my neck and back and was successful in healing both. There are a few things I’m am able to do now that I was not able to do before coming to Dutch PT. I am very grateful for the staff at Dutch PT, they were always very helpful!


Chris, Luke and Emma were very helpful. They helped me improve myself to get better. They always told me to work to the pain not through it. Stevie was very sweet and she always greeted you and had everything ready for you. I would tell anyone and everyone to give them a call!


After my accident, I was left with several major issues including torn, herniated and bulging disc and torn rotator cuff. Given the extent of my injuries, I was not sure physical therapy would be an option to help me get better. Upon arriving at Dutch PT I was greeted with assurance and an optimistic therapist that was willing to work with me. Throughout this process I have gone from barely being able to walk and properly care for myself to functioning normally and getting back to some of my usual routine. I am thankful to everyone at Dutch PT for all that they have done including Mrs. Judi who was always proactive at checking up on me for my appointments.


Rarely does one say they “enjoyed” going to physical therapy. However, Mirjam and her staff were so pleasant and encouraging that it all went by so fast. If I ever need physical therapy again, I will definitely return to Dutch PT and will recommend their services to other.


I injured my Achilles tendon in September. I had been to another physical therapy facility but still experienced quite a bit of pain which caused limited mobility. The exercise and treatment received at Dutch PT has greatly improved my condition and I can now walk with no pain.


Mirjam is absolutely wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and caring. She explains things in a way you can understand. I would recommend her to everyone. The staff was fantastic here. Thank you so much!


I loved everything about my physical therapy at Dutch. I looked forward to every treatment and I now have no pain. I would come back anytime if I need therapy again. They are very well educated and helpful!


Chris has helped me twice now and I will always come back to Dutch Pt for therapy when I need it. Chris gives attentive and independent care. He addressed my needs at every visit and got me back to 100% functionality. I can now do all of my tasks and gardening that I was unable to do due to pain. I am pain free and understand how to keep my symptoms from returning.


My doctor thought I would benefit from physical therapy but I had tried it several times before and was not happy with the clinics or services so I was very reluctant to trying another place. However, I decided to give it one more try and I am so glad that I did. My experience with Dutch PT was like no other before! They were very helpful and taught me everything I needed to know. They made sure I understood the problem we were addressing and was so patient with me. It was an amazing educational experience and I am so glad I decided to give therapy another try.


After my accident, I came to Dutch PT in need of help. I was having lower back problems that would not go away. So my doctor recommended me to Dutch PT. She told me her son had been there and he had great results. My back was tight and full of pain when I came here, now I can almost do whatever I please. With a little more stretching and exercise on my behalf and the skills I have learned at Dutch PT I will be back to 100% in no time. I want to thank Dutch PT for helping me get back to the person I am today!


I came in with tension headaches and pain in my shoulder and arm. The first two visits helped pain and I was able to stop taking medication that my doctor had prescribed me.


I came to Dutch PT with severe neck pain. Over the the of my treatment I am leaving with no neck pain and skills to help me manage flare-ups. They even fit me in the schedule when I had set backs. I found Dutch PT to be very professional and concerned about my recovery and well being.


Dutch PT was very helpful with my recovery after Tarsal Tunnel Surgery. They were very knowledgeable of the various exercises and correct techniques to strengthen my ankle, foot and leg. They have improved my flexibility and my confidence to the point that I have been able to resume my everyday life and activities. I really appreciate their attention to detail, encouragement and individualized care. Their concern for safety extended by teaching me proper posture and lift techniques. Thank you for the awesome experience!


After going to another physical therapy clinic in Baton Rouge for over 20 years and not getting results my pain management doctor referred me to Dutch PT. The difference in the management style is amazing. Chris is not one to push you to reach unrealistic goals. I don’t know how many times i heard “work to the pain, not through the pain!” I highly recommend Dutch PT.


When I came in to start my physical therapy I couldn’t sit without burning pain. I can now say I’m pain free and owe it all to Dutch PT. This is my 2nd time I have come to Dutch PT. The 1st was 16 years ago and Philippe prevented me from having to have back surgery. I will only come to Dutch PT if I need physical therapy!


I feel better in my back and abdomen than I have in years. Chris showed me how to slowly regain my abilities and strengthen muscles I thought would be a problem for me for the rest of my life. I now realize I can maintain a healthy and fit life!


I am very pleased to be pain free due to my sessions at Dutch Physical Therapy. In the beginning I was a skeptic from the results I would get but overall my condition has improved to the point where I am not using medication at all. Mr. Veeters is very patient and a knowledgeable therapist who gives you all the information while instructing you on the correct ways to strengthen you back. I would HIGHLY recommend him for all your pain needs!

I came in with severe low back and hip pain due to a protruding disc. I finished the therapy pain free and am no longer mobility impaired and with the tools to help myself should the problem recur.

When I fist arrived here, I really didn’t expect to feel the way I do now. (I had been to PT before [at other clinics] and never got the results I received here.) My therapist was very informative and encouraging. She designed my physical therapy to meet my needs. I didn’t geel like I was doing a generic routine with no results. I could barely turn my neck when I arrived, I can now with no effort. I know that the range of motion I have now is a direct result of my therapy. Kerri is one of the friendliest therapists I have ever dealt with however, she will make you do the whole PT that has been customized for you.

When I first arrived as a patient at Dutch, I was in so much pain. I could hardly walk. But now I can say that I’m not in any pain. Philippe really knows what he is doing and he really takes an interest in his patients. I appreciate everything he’s done to resolve my problem.

My first visit, I was experiencing neck pain with headaches and also shoulder pain. Rachel was able to teach me methods in which to get rid of our reduce the pain in all these places in my body. She was very considerate and able to explain what each exercise was joint to help me accomplish. Thanks to Rachel, I believe my days will be more productive.

Therapy has greatly exceeded my expectations. I was having difficulty walking with so much pain. The therapist has taught me the correct methods of physical movement and exercise to mitigate pain. I was not driving when I began therapy and now I am. Therapy was a very positive experience. All persons encountered were pleasant and intelligent.

I have been 27 days without a migraine, where I was having at least one migraine a week prior to starting physical therapy. Very pleased with the care I received at Dutch PT.

I broke my leg in two places. Chris took care of me. I healed quickly. Even the doctor was pleased! I also have seen Chris in the past for back problems and he was better than any Physical Therapist I have ever worked with. He is the best and most professional!

When I started therapy I had severe back and arm pain. I could not turn my neck very well either. Now I am pain free but when I do have the occasional flare up, I know what to do to relieve the pain. Thanks for your help!

I have had spasms in my legs, mostly right from the thigh through my toes which have diminished greatly. My back feels so much stronger. My dependence on muscle relaxers has gone from 3 times a day to one or two a week to NONE. I am able to walk for a longer distance than when I started PT.