Active Living

We are all dealing with a lot of changes right now.  Why not take the opportunity to change some habits and routines that can improve physicality?  It would be very easy while we are all stuck at home to just sit on the couch and catch up on Netflix.

Take the time to go on family walks.  Even if you can only walk five minutes at a time; walk.  Four 5-minute walks is just as good for your heart as a twenty minute walk.  You can keep your leg strength up very easily with chair squats and heel raises.  Five-ten chair squats before every meal is enough to maintain strength for the thighs and gluteals.  Fifteen heel raises after every bathroom break will keep your ankles strong.

If you’re like me and have kids, go outside and kick a ball, throw a ball, play tag, or make up a game on your own.  Remember, you don’t have to be good.  You get merit just for participation.  AND, as an added bonus… those kiddies go to bed easier when they’re physically worn out!

Chris Fussell, DPT, Cert MDT