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Taco Tuesday

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As I reminisce on the delight of Cinco de Mayo, the weekly celebration of Taco Tuesday comes to mind. Any excuse to drink a margarita and eat Mexican food is fine by me; all in moderation of course. However, calories

Grocery shopping with a Dietitian

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  Sign Up Today! Grocery Store Tour with a Registered Dietitian Learn how to shop healthy with a Dietitian: How to navigate food labels & ingredient lists Decode health claims on packaging Optimize your grocery list Offering two dates: May

Inflammation & Diet

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Inflammation occurs naturally in our bodies as a part of the healing process, as well as during infections and some immunologic responses.  This an acute type of inflammation that occurs to heal damaged tissue.  A chronic type of inflammation can

Tracking Food Intake

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Life is busy between work, family, and personal life.  Meal planning is often at the bottom of the list for many people, especially with convince (often not too healthy) foods around every corner. Keeping track of what you’re putting in

Meet Erin

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Erin King, RD, LDN Education Louisiana State University BS of Science with a concentration in Nutrition and Dietetics May 2012 University of Louisiana at Lafayette Dietetic Internship May 2014 Memberships: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Baton Rouge Academy of Nutrition

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